Hot & Cold Therapy Shoulder Support

Hot & Cold Therapy Shoulder Support
    型號 : SQ2-HC002
    產品名稱 : Hot & Cold Therapy Shoulder Support

    選購 :
    數量 :
    The SENTEQ Hot/Cold Therapy Shoulder Support provides bilateral coverage and a customized fit for injuries of the Shoulder. This product is ideal for the most common injuries for athletes and non-athletes alike. Can also be used for soothing heat therapy - simply add warm water in soft hot/cold bag. Made with a neoprene wrap and thick Velcro straps, firm consistent pressure is provided to maximize healing.
    * Rotator cuff tendonitis
    * Shoulder pain
    * Shoulder sprain/ strain
    * Pain and inflammation following injury or surgery
    * Muscle spasm and edema following injury or surgery
      H 背帶長
    ONE SIZE 11" 27 1/2"