Wrist Support

Wrist Support
    型號 : SQ1-H001
    產品名稱 : Wrist Support

    選購 :
    數量 :

    ITEM: Wrist Support
    MATERIAL: Neoprene
    SIZE: S, M, L, XL

    SQ1-H001  Wrist Support
    This wrist support has been designed and produced for the support and the protection of the wrist in case of muscles lesions and/or joints or tendons inflammations, caused by light traumas, stress or efforts.
    * Wrist sprain
    * Weak wrist
      W H
    S 6" 3"
    M 7" 3"
    L 8 1/2" 3"
    XL 9 1/2" 3"