Senteq and Healthcare

Senteq takes care of anyone who are seeking the healthier life
Protecting you from injuries that can occur, providing you suitable medical therapies to relieve your pains and assisting you in the healing process.

From our head to our toe, the precision level of our body structure is much more complex than any high-tech apparatus known today. Each bone and muscle maintains the balance and support structure of our body, any excessive movements or incorrect posture can disrupt our physical coordination that may induce a chain reaction of body pains. The Senteq Healthcare Team is committed to providing relief to patients suffering from body pain. We pride ourselves in developing products that supports your weak joints, promotes blood circulation and provides warmth to your body. Our products provide our patients gentle therapy prevents injuries and accelerates the speed of recovery. Ideal for indoor homecare and outdoor activities, our goal at Senteq is providing you better sleep and letting you enjoy a better lifestyle.