Post-op ROM Elbow Brace/ Foam

Post-op ROM Elbow Brace/ Foam
  • Post-op ROM Elbow Brace/ Foam
  • Post-op ROM Elbow Brace/ Foam
Model : SQ1-DR003
Product Name : Post-op ROM Elbow Brace/ Foam
Product Character

At Senteq, we strive for top professional performance and qualities by offering medical grade products that meet or exceed FDA standards and requirements. 

Features and Benefits

        Tool-Free Adjustable Stops with Range of Motion Features

        Effortless and Accurate Settings – Simply Press, Rotate and Release

        Durable Lightweight Construction with Full Foam Padding

        Provides Maximum Comfort & Stability

        Improves Post-Surgery Recovery

        Low Profile Ergonomic Design

        Alternative to Casting and Splinting

        FDA approved Medical Grade Certified and Standards

        One-Size Universal Fit Concept Design

        Best choice in the market for Post-Op and contact sport injuries

        Clinically Proven and Doctors Recommended

        Clinically Proven and Doctors Recommended

Injury Application

                       Acute Elbow Sprains/Strains

        Post-Op Surgery & Rehabilitation

o   Elbow ReconstructionLigament and Tendon Repairs

o   Stable Fractures

        Mild to Severe Soft Tissue Injuries

        Minimize Pain and Fast Join Recovery

Product material

PU Foam 60%,  Polyester 20%, Nylon 20%