Post-op ROM Elbow Brace/Foam

Post-op ROM Elbow Brace/Foam
  • Post-op ROM Elbow Brace/Foam
  • Post-op ROM Elbow Brace/Foam
Model : SQ1-DR001
Product Name : Post-op ROM Elbow Brace/Foam
Product Character

At Senteq, we strive for top professional performance and qualities by offering medical grade products that meet or exceed FDA standards and requirements. 

Features and Benefits

        Tool-Free Adjustable Stops with Range of Motion Features

        Effortless and Accurate Settings – Simply Press, Rotate and Release

        Durable Lightweight Construction with Full Foam Padding

        Provides Maximum Comfort & Stability with Strapping System

        Improves Post-Surgery Recovery

        Low Profile Ergonomic Design

        Alternative to Casting and Splinting

        FDA approved Medical Grade Certified and Standards

        One-Size Universal Fit Concept Design

        Best choice in the market for Post-Op and contact sport injuries

        Clinically Proven and Doctors Recommended

Injury Application

                        Acute Elbow Sprains/Strains

        Post-Op Surgery & Rehabilitation

o   Elbow Reconstruction Ligament and Tendon Repairs

o   Stable, Medial or Lateral Epicondyle Fractures

        Mild to Severe Soft Tissue Injuries

        Minimize Pain and Fast Join Recovery

        Conservative Care of all Elbow Instabilities

        Passive Mobilization after Elbow Arthrolysis

Product material

PU Foam 60%,  Polyester 20%, Nylon 20%

  Bicep Cir. Forearm Cir.
OneSize 8"-21" 6"-18.5"